Protect Chelsworth Park Car Bumper Stickers

Powerful Owls a peak predator for possums (and sometimes mice) and rats live near Chelsworth and help balance the popn of possums burgeoning in our gardens For more beautiful bird pictures see Jennifer Sprys Birding Blog

Watching footy Chelsworth Park

Playing Cricket

Footy with volume :) Chelsworth

Only locals know the hidden beauty and tranquillity of Reedy Billabong with its mirror images and abundant birdlife after light rain has fallen (att Phil Skeggs )

Raging Yarra Chelsworth - is on a floodplain

Scouts - a club has existed here for decades

The original Cheslworth Homestead from the Pre Parkland days when the land was a farm ( 1840s on ) The Homestead can be visited as its now the clubhouse at nearby Ivanhoe Golf Club

Concern School Growth may overtake Public Use - of Chelsworth over coming decades. Public use of Parklands is growing and now passive use competes with sport as well as schools - ONLY so much a sportsground can cope with and keep its appearance

Chelsworth Tennis Club at top and Water Recycling and Harvesting Project at left = note original Channel far left - will continue to add water to the Yarra


Stickers are provided for displaying on private property ONLY

BUT your CARS are great !!! and they move around - so are seen by lots of people !!-

Make sure you mention to curious friends the 
Chelsworth Tour - June 15th  2014 - all welcome, but book through our contacts page  

Stickers are $3 and are available from :-
Chelsworth Tour June 15th   OR
 Otterington Grove - Kerry Brown - 9499-2062
Rotherwood Rd - Julie Stafford - 9499-4659
please ring and arrange pick up - 9 am - 9pm

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DONE Sending...

Peter Wilson | Reply 14.01.2014 13.38

I have 3 children who use the park and a dog that we walk through it. It is a magnificent area. If the current arrangement is to continue, GREAT!!!

Robyn :) | Reply 16.12.2013 18.51

Great Stickers !!!

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09.07 | 19:30

Seems interesting. I will pass through these details to my father too when he will be back after taking

15.10 | 18:50

HI Belinda
call 0427949951
Robyn ( ED ) - and we can chat
would be great to meet you maybe on the weekend ?
I have been a stay at home MUM TOO :)

15.10 | 16:40

How do i get more involved in the fairy hills community? We are relatively new in the area and i'm a stay at home mum.

22.09 | 09:26

Contact : Robyn Roberts Banyule Planning Network and Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group - via this Comments Page or OUR CONTACT PAGE - I will return your email

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