Copy of the Chelsworth Petition

Print several pages but keep together - ensure a page is filled with a least 10 signatures / ensure all signatories are residents of Banyule and complete all sections of the form - including residential address

Petition to CEO and Councillors of Banyule City Council

Postal Address

275 Upper Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe VIC 3079

Office of the CEO

Fax No: +613 9499 9475

Phone  (03) 9490 4222




Name and address of principal petitioner:


Robyn Roberts


53 Waterdale Rd Ivanhoe Vic 3079

Postal Address


Daytime contact number








We the undersigned:

Residents of Banyule City Council request that: Banyule City Council and its Parks and Recreation staff  to :

Announce a well notified Public Meeting chaired by Mr Sauro Antonelli , Director of Community Programs, assisted  other Council Parks and Recreation staff involved with the Councils lease of Chelsworth Park  - to explain and discuss the Chelsworth Park Tennis Club lease and the new proposed Ivanhoe Grammar School overall lease of Chelsworth Park  - with all community stakeholders invited by letter( including current occupiers and users – such as Eaglemont Scouts, the several local Cricket and Football clubs, East Ivanhoe Primary School, IGS and any other historical users such as the Yarra Valley Hockey Club, and any prospective users ( ie all sporting clubs the council has registered locally invited )-  as well as the general community of Banyule living in the area of Ivanhoe, East Ivanhoe and Eaglemont    

This information and discussion meeting should occur before Council further engages with the community to draw up a lease arrangement for Chelsworth Park that :

  1.  suits the local community and user groups
  2. recognises the strong attachment the community feel  to retaining Chelsworth as recognisably PUBLIC LAND
  3. recognises the heritage, environmental and  cultural significance of the land
  4. provides an independent but community accountable body to arrange bookings for the Park
  5. provides for Council to continue to control the leasing of the park in a meaningful way and to manage bookings for existing users rather than hand over management of bookings to IGS
  6. regularly audits and makes known amenity impacts on the community of the Ivanhoe Grammar School and other users use of the Park

Signatures of petitioners:



Print name

Print Address



























































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09.07 | 19:30

Seems interesting. I will pass through these details to my father too when he will be back after taking

15.10 | 18:50

HI Belinda
call 0427949951
Robyn ( ED ) - and we can chat
would be great to meet you maybe on the weekend ?
I have been a stay at home MUM TOO :)

15.10 | 16:40

How do i get more involved in the fairy hills community? We are relatively new in the area and i'm a stay at home mum.

22.09 | 09:26

Contact : Robyn Roberts Banyule Planning Network and Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group - via this Comments Page or OUR CONTACT PAGE - I will return your email

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