What is a Development Plan ?

Development Plan Overlays - DPO's

The Ivanhoe Grammar site is covered by a Development Plan Overlay - DPO

This is a planning instrument which is used to control and shape development to specific pieces of land that may impact on community values

Ivanhoe Grammar School is covered by DPO4 under the Banyule Planning Scheme - See Map at http://www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning/planningschemes/get-information/historical-planning-information/planning-scheme-history-index/Banyule?sq_content_src=%2BdXJsPWh0dHAlM0ElMkYlMkZzMy5kcGNkLnZpYy5nb3YuYXUlMkZwbGFubmluZ19zY2hlbWVfaGlzdG9yeSUyRmQ4Nzg1MzE3OTk2ZTkyOTM0OGNkMDQ5YzU5MDViMDdiLnBkZiZhbGw9MQ%3D%3D


The Provisions of the DPO4 for this site include consideration of :

􀂃 Existing and proposed numbers of staff and students.

􀂃 Identification of and protection measures proposed for all heritage and environmental


􀂃 Existing and proposed development of the land.

􀂃 Staging and timing of proposed development.

􀂃 Height of all proposed buildings.

􀂃 Existing and proposed landscaping of the land.

􀂃 Existing and proposed use of all parts of the land.

􀂃 Existing and proposed provision for access, car parking and traffic management.

􀂃 Measures to address the interface of the land with adjoining land.

This includes:

􀂃 Whether the scale, character and density are compatible with the amenity and natural

values of the surrounding area.

􀂃 The provision for the establishment of a road and transport system appropriate to the

development and its linkage with adjoining areas.

􀂃 The provision for the establishment of an open space system, pedestrian and bicycle

pathways and other recreational facilities appropriate to the development.

􀂃 Whether the proposed development plan is consistent with the capacity of essential

services, particularly the management of surface water run-off.

􀂃 Whether the proposal meets a high standard of urban and landscape design.

􀂃 The conservation of the environmental qualities and features of the land.

􀂃 Whether the proposal incorporates a range of lot sizes and other subdivisional


􀂃 The integration of development with the surrounding residential area

 This documentation can be found at http://planningschemes.dpcd.vic.gov.au/banyule/ordinance/43_04s04_bany.pdf

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Seems interesting. I will pass through these details to my father too when he will be back after taking https://www.goldenbustours.com/yellowstone-guided-tours/

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HI Belinda
call 0427949951
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How do i get more involved in the fairy hills community? We are relatively new in the area and i'm a stay at home mum.

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Contact : Robyn Roberts Banyule Planning Network and Fairy Hills Ivanhoe Residents Group - via this Comments Page or OUR CONTACT PAGE - I will return your email

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